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Let us help you design then build a paved patio, a concrete driveway, a tiled bathroom floor or anything you can think of. We have more than 30 years of experience in helping people like you, build their ideal space. We are based in the Manawatu but will travel further if needed. We also build wooden structures for the outdoors like decks and pergolas. Call us now to discuss a solution for your outdoor area.

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Full paving installation

Full paving installation Click photo to see gallery

We can complete all your paving requirements, this is our field of expertise. We can prepare the area then shape, cut and install the pavers for you. You may need a driveway or a small patio / deck paved. If you want different coloured shapes or designs throughout your paving, we can do it for you. We will accommodate your place by placing paving in and around objects that are already established. We have 30 years’ experience and can help you with ideas for the area you want to beautify, and help you stick to your budget.

Excavation and preparation

Excavation and preparation Click photo to see gallery

For the best results, all paving or landscaping projects need to be excavated and prepared by someone who knows what they are doing. We can either suggest contractors we trust and have worked with before, or complete the work ourselves. This is totally your choice but we believe that great preparation equals a job you will be more than happy with. Let us help with suggestions from the beginning and aim for your perfect finish.

Concrete driveways/patios

Concrete driveways/patios Click photo to see gallery

Blending existing pavers with new exposed aggregate concrete is just one way you can revamp a tired driveway. Considering what size vehicles will be using it will assist with decisions, such as depth of concrete or thickness of paving. We can suggest also while free quoting what may look stylish and be user friendly.

Concrete pads

Concrete pads Click photo to see gallery

We can excavate, box and pour a concrete pad ready for use within a couple of days (depending on the size). From patio areas to small areas for your barbeque to sit on in the winter, no area is too small or large. We can colour or expose it, all choices are yours.

Indoor tiled floors

Indoor tiled floors Click photo to enlargey

This is another specialised area and one we can give you advice on. You could be tiling around your indoor pool, or restoring the entrance area. We can recommend tile type, design and colour for you to use, while providing a free quote.

Paving pool areas

Paving pool areas Click photo to see gallery

We recommend pavers that are designed for non-slip/wet areas for around pools and spas. This is great for keeping your family and friends safe. These pavers come in a range of colours that will complement the colour of your home

Exposed aggregate concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete Click photo to see gallery

Talk to us about the different options you could achieve in your driveway. An example of the ideas we have is keeping the old brick as a border, adding new or exposed concrete to amplify the old and new to really beautify your existing area. Exposed concrete can give the old look with a new twist. It’s a refreshing choice from that of just concrete. This can be used as mowing strips or patios, it is all possible.

Acid wash and sealing

Acid wash and sealing Click photo to see gallery

As with all jobs around the house you will want to be able to keep your paving and concrete looking good for years to come. We recommend to all of our clients that we acid wash and then place on a sealant on it to maintain the great look.

Fencing | Decks | Pergolas | Seating

Fencing | Decks | Pergolas | Seating Click photo to see gallery

Having the right deck or patio is important to creating the perfect environment at your place. Being an extension of your home you will need to consider the products to use, the size of the area and colours to make it look amazing. We have many years in the business and have lots of ideas and practical experience to assist you in making the correct decisions. When you have a design in mind, talk to us to get it right the first time.